Explicit Introducing Service Design Principles 301-400

Introducing Service Design Principles 301-400

Episode description

Guy Martin talks with Daniele Catalanotto about the release of his latest book on Service Design Principles. The conversation starts with Daniele clarifying what service design principles mean: ideas or advice aimed at simplifying and enhancing human experiences. The books are described as a “toilet books” - ideal for short, insightful reads leading to brief moments of reflection.

Daniele reveals that this fourth volume in the series adopts a fresh approach by incorporating feedback and insights from a global tour where he engaged with service design experts. This iteration is not just a book but a comprehensive media experience, featuring around 10 hours of video content. It integrates expert discussions directly into the narrative, allowing readers to explore topics more deeply online.

We also touch on the diverse content and the inclusion of a curated list of resources at the book’s end, making it a valuable tool for both casual reading and in-depth exploration of service design.

Highlighting the communal aspect of this launch, Daniele invites listeners to a unique party, marking the book’s release. Unlike typical launch events, this gathering aims to foster a broader discussion on service design, encouraging questions and interactions with experts from around the world.


00:00 Intro 00:24 What is a Service Design Principle anyway? 02:17 What’s different about this volume? 03:42 So much content! 05:03 It’s a party 06:49 Thanks giving 08:20 Outro and Event information

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Daniele Catalanotto is a service design practitioner, the author of the Service Design Principles series of books, and the founder of the Swiss Innovation Academy

Guy Martin has worked with global companies and startups in a wide range of roles, including service delivery, corporate education, and leadership development.

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