SDP-009. Let Users Undo Their Mistakes

SDP-009. Let Users Undo Their Mistakes

Episode description

This episode, we delve into the ninth principle of service design, which focuses on the balance between reducing friction and adding necessary friction in user interactions.

Daniele provides insightful examples, such as confirmation prompts when deleting items or LinkedIn’s content warning system, to illustrate when adding friction is beneficial. We explore the concept of “Confirmation Saturation,” where too many prompts can lead to user fatigue and the importance of contextualizing these interactions.

The conversation also covers the idea of “Prevention is Better than Cure,” emphasizing proactive measures to prevent user errors. We discuss how digital services can implement features to recall actions or delay permanent changes, providing users with a safety net for their actions.

Additionally, we touch on behavioral economics concepts like “nudges” and “rational overrides.” These concepts highlight the importance of designing for the real, sometimes irrational, human behavior, guiding users towards better decisions while allowing them the space to pause and reconsider actions that might lead to mistakes.

This episode is a deep dive into the nuances of user experience design, offering valuable insights for anyone interested in creating more user-friendly and forgiving digital environments.

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:44 When should we add friction?
  • 02:35 Confirmation Saturation
  • 03:44 Prevention is Better than Cure
  • 05:41 Nudges and Rational Overrides
  • 07:54 Outro

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Daniele Catalanotto is a service design practitioner, the author of the Service Design Principles series of books, and the founder of the Swiss Innovation Academy

Guy Martin has worked with global companies and startups in a wide range of roles, including service delivery, corporate education, and leadership development.

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