SDP-011. Suggest Something After the Error

SDP-011. Suggest Something After the Error

Episode description

In this episode, we explore Principle 11, “Suggest Something After the Error,” focusing on practical approaches to error management in service design.

We begin by examining the evolution of the 404 error page in website design. This serves as a clear example of how error messages have shifted from simple notifications to more user-focused solutions. We discuss the importance of guiding users towards helpful alternatives or back to their intended path when an error occurs.

Our conversation then turns to the concept of empowering users in the face of errors. We talk about how service design should provide users with options and guidance to navigate through errors, turning these moments into opportunities for positive interaction and problem-solving.

We also cover proactive error management, including strategies like automatic error reporting. We highlight how showing users that steps are being taken to address issues can build trust and reliability.

Recognizing the diverse needs and capabilities of different businesses, we address the challenges, especially for smaller companies, in implementing advanced error management technologies. We emphasize the importance of using available resources to enhance user experiences in error situations.

To conclude, we stress the importance of viewing errors as opportunities to assist and support users, aiming to create a more seamless and effective user experience in service design.

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:03 Welcome
  • 00:51 We explained why an error occured, what now?
  • 02:10 404
  • 05:59 Suggesting is one thing, but if possible, take the action on behalf of the user
  • 08:03 Outro

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Daniele Catalanotto is a service design practitioner, the author of the Service Design Principles series of books, and the founder of the Swiss Innovation Academy

Guy Martin has worked with global companies and startups in a wide range of roles, including service delivery, corporate education, and leadership development.

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